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Why We Love Lucite (and Why You Should, Too)

Acrylic glassor Lucite, if you know it by its brand namehas an intriguing history. Once used by bombers and submarines in WWII, the material underwent a transformation from utilitarian to luxurious after the war when it was no longer necessary for use in combat. Acrylic glass became widely licensed, and designers from both the fashion and furniture sectors realized the potential for this chic and flexible material.

Now, what was once old has become new again and it looks as if the acrylic glass trend is here to stay. When wandering furniture markets (one of our favorite activities), you are likely to see Lucite items ranging from inconspicuous end tables and vases, to loud-and-proud statement pieces like four-post bed frames!

Embracing this trend may not come easily to everyone. So, with a little help from our Director of Visual Merchandise, John, we’re sharing our four favorite reasons why we love Lucite in home decor, and why you should too.

Crystal Clear Acrylic glass table HW Home

  1. It’s sophisticated.

We asked John about the kinds of styles acrylic glass can lend itself to. He said, “Acrylic is wonderful because it adds a level of sophistication and interest to a room. It has the old Hollywood glam character that people seek when creating a luxurious, upscale space.” The material is so versatile that no matter where it is used in the home, the visual effect of nearly translucent furniture is unexpected, yet very stylish. It is modern and edgy, but still feels soft and unobtrusiveallowing these pieces to blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

  1. It breathes new life into old trends.

As John likes to say, “Home trends are just like fashion trends; the older designs always seem to circle back around but in better ways!” The same is true of acrylic glass furniture. Once a popular design medium in the 1960s and ‘70s, the styles have been updated to reflect current home decor trends with the same durable material. Whether your style is futuristic modern or delightfully dated, Lucite furniture can be incorporated into your home.

Ava acrylic glass cocktail table

  1. It’s ideal for interior design novices and experts alike.

Whether you choose to start small or dive in headfirst, acrylic glass furniture can fit anyone’s style. If you’ve never used acrylic glass furniture in your home, John would suggest “starting with some smaller accent pieces.” He added, “Acrylic cigarette tables are perfect because they go with everything. They hold their own and have a strong design presence.” And what about if you’re committed 110%? John recommends high-end, elegant statement pieces that anchor a room and demand your attention.

  1. It lets your style shine through.

Transparent, versatile, and elegant, acrylic glass furniture should feel personal and customized. John’s advice is to curate only a few special pieces of Lucite furniture. His favorite is the Brigitte floor lamp at HW Home. He said, “I love it because the legs are acrylic, which gives the lamp an airy, ethereal effect.” Curate your own personal style by choosing two or three pieces that draw you in and fit well in your space. They will stand out as unique items, without overpowering the rest of your decor.

Brigitte acrylic floor lamp

Almost every piece of furniture has an acrylic counterpart. Keep in mind that whatever your style, you can adapt it to include acrylic glass. These are just a few of our favorite reasons for embracing this “invisible trend,” but if you have questions or want more information, please visit us in person at our Boulder, Cherry Creek, or Landmark stores. We hope these reasons for loving Lucite have inspired you to try something new in your home!

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