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What is Custom Upholstery?

It may not sound very exciting at first glance, but fabric choices and rugs can completely affect how a room looks. So, what is custom upholstery and how can it change your life (or at least how you feel about your home)? To answer that, we turned to the experts—our staff members!

Custom upholstery refers to fabric or leather furniture and pillows created specifically for you; it’s taking a piece and making it your own. As Michelle, the manager of our Cherry Creek North store explains, “Custom upholstery gives our customers the option to take pieces on our floor and change the upholstery to hundreds of other fabrics and leathers. It allows them to take a sofa, chair, dining chair or sectional and make it something truly unique and customized to their design taste and home.”

John, HW Home’s Director of Visual Merchandising and one of our lead in-home designers, puts it best: “Custom upholstery says a lot about your design sensibility. You have the opportunity to do a lot or very little.” Choosing features and finishes, including upholstery, gives you the most control of the end result. As a customer, you can ensure that the fabric matches your lifestyle (if you have children or pets, say), and that the color or pattern makes sense with the other decor in your home.


John encourages customers to “bring in photos of your room along with samples of the other upholstery in the room, the carpet or flooring, and paint colors. All of these things are important to consider when adding a new piece of upholstery to your space.” This also helps you to end up with a piece you love in a room you enjoy spending time in!

Our semi-annual Custom Upholstery sale happens in our three Colorado stores twice a year: in April and in October. What’s special about a sale like this? 25% off is a huge discount! The sale allows our customers to get a truly unique piece at an amazing price point. What’s on sale? Upholstery, obviously, plus select rugs and pillows.

Contact us with questions or to place an order. We hope to see you in-store soon.


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