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How True by HW Home Goes From Idea to Reality

The development of the True line of furniture by HW Home was born out of necessity. After years of curating well-made and well-designed furnishings crafted by our wonderful manufacturers, the buying team at HW Home determined that not all of our customers’ needs were being fully met. In order to fill this void, we set out to create unique, high-quality furniture. In doing so, we have opened up a world of opportunity for our Colorado company, as well as for our customers.

True by HW Home began with several upholstered pieces of furniture and has grown to include case goods (non-upholstered furniture items made of wood or glass). We’re also very excited about our newest collection of iron and stone occasional tables, and expanded offering of lighting options. All are slated to arrive in stores by early fall, if not before.

Baylee Sawyer Lounge True by HW Home

Sawyer Orbit Chaise—True by HW Home

Our team is always inspired by beautiful design; for example, when we’re walking through a hotel lobby and see an interesting side table in a reception area, we take a quick picture or make a sketch to share with the group. Then we figure out how to make it unique for HW Home. Our team works through hundreds of ideas before settling on what we think will sell best, based on our customers’ needs and current trends. Many pieces might be nixed in the planning or construction processes in favor of items that are well-designed yet less complicated to manufacture.

Once construction begins, visits to our manufacturing facilities are frequent. Our team inspects every prototype prior to giving approval to begin the building process. From the inception of an idea to the time an item hits our floors, a piece can take anywhere from three months to a year to develop. We take a hands-on approach every step of the way. The process is long and somewhat complex, but we always strive to get it right the first time. There is no greater satisfaction than watching what was once an idea come to life in the form of a beautiful new collection that people want to make part of their home.

True by HW Home sofa

Winston Sofa— True by HW Home

True by HW Home is a work in progress. We currently have items on the drawing board, several new pieces in manufacturing, and a container of goods landing at our warehouse. The process is fluid and inspires us to work harder for what we believe in. And when an item sells to a customer who has very specific needs or requests, we know our goal has been realized.

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