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How to Shop the Custom Upholstery Sale

We’ve all been there. You need new furniture, but after a few shopping trips fail to produce “the one,” you are ready to call it quits. You leave yet another store thinking, “If I could just design this myself, it would be perfect!”

Well, at HW Home, you can do just that. Twice a year, we host the Custom Upholstery Sale, where customers can choose their furniture, then choose exactly which fabrics, leather, colors, and patterns they want to see that piece upholstered in at a 25% discount.

Our Landmark store manager, Lauren C., explains it perfectly: “Our Custom Upholstery Sale allows our customers to take the pieces they already know and love, and turn them into something unique for their own personal design style.”

Not sure where to start? We have you covered. Lauren says, when shopping for custom upholstery, it’s important to bring in a few photos of your current space and to keep an open mind. After all, we have hundreds of leathers, fabrics, and rugs to choose from. The HW Home team will be there to help you create a piece you’ll love!

One way to bring life to your space is with a singular color palette. To do this, select a color, and bring in a variety of textures and patterns within that palette. If your space needs a stronger visual statement, try integrating two contrasting colors, but keep them grounded with a neutral base. Or, if working with a bright palette, keep the brighter colors as a solid and introduce patterns with a subdued contrasting color.

Need inspiration to get started? Take a look at our Pinterest boards! Then, shop our Custom Upholstery Sale in any of our three stores and online. Let us help you find the furniture you need to create a home that you truly love.  

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