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How to Create the Perfect Dining Room

Remember algebra class?  Personally, I thought I would never need it again. But I was surprised to discover that it comes in handy when trying to discern how many dining chairs can fit around a round table.

The process is simple, really, and it will ensure you are making an informed buying decision.  The formula to use is C=π x diameter, which will give you the circumference of your table.  Simply divide the circumference by the number of chairs you want to use, and you will see what the maximum chair width can be for your desired number of seats.

For example, if your dining table is 64” diameter, 64 x 3.14 =200.96.  If you divide 200.96 by the number of chairs you want to use (let’s say 8, for example’s sake), you will see that your maximum chair width will be around 25 inches.  If you want to use 10 chairs, your maximum chair width is 20”, which might make for a fairly tight squeeze at the table.

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Determining what size and shape table to use in the room is a bit simpler.  Square rooms lend themselves nicely to square or round tables, while rectangular dining rooms, depending on their dimensions, can accommodate rectangular tables, oval tables, and often square or round tables.  If you are placing a round table in a rectangular room, it works best to add an anchor piece on one or both ends of the room to visually shorten your room scale.

And if you are really confused, ask one of our talented design associates at HW Home for assistance!  A trusted opinion can help you avoid a disastrous mistake.

–by Jim Hering, co-owner and co-founder, HW Home


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