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How True by HW Home Goes From Idea to Reality

The development of the True line of furniture by HW Home was born out of necessity. After years of curating well-made and well-designed furnishings crafted by our wonderful manufacturers, the buying team at HW Home determined that not all of our customers’ needs were being fully met. In order to fill this void, we set out to create unique, high-quality furniture. In doing so, we have opened up a world of opportunity for our Colorado company, as well as for our customers.
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Five Reasons Why True by HW Home is the Best Furniture You’ll Ever Buy

While it was only a little over a year ago that we launched our very own furniture line, True™ by HW Home, the collection was something we envisioned when we opened our first store way back in 1999!

Call us biased, but we know that True™ by HW Home is the best furniture you’ll ever buy. Check out these five reasons why you should consider True™ if you’re in the market for new home furnishings! Read More