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Meet Jaeger: HW Home Design Consultant

If you’ve been to our Cherry Creek store you may have met our design consultant, Jaeger. With his eye on design, Jaeger is one of our most passionate team members. Jaeger’s love for his work, and appreciation for our customers, fills up the room as soon as he steps into it.

Jaeger started working at HW Home around 5 years ago. Brand founder and owner Ron, told him the story about HW Home and their mission, explaining why their work is so valuable. Jaeger says, “I didn’t think that I actually had the ability to do what I do in people’s homes today. But I was wrong! I love my work here.”

Jaeger HW Home

Founded in 1999 by Jim Hering and Ron Werner, HW Home has become the perfect place for customers to experience a diversity of global luxury in a local setting. We make sure customers and employees feel like part of a family.

“We do a lot of really fun things both internationally and here in Colorado,” says Jaeger. “There’s nothing better than going into someone’s home and finding beauty in it. I think you take ownership of each project that you do and you can think, ‘If I lived here how would I do this?’”

We understand that shopping for furniture can be stressful, so we do our best to take the pressure off our customers by providing professional assistance. Jaeger describes this seamless process: “We stock a handpicked assortment of custom furniture, so people can come in here and they can buy things they love. We have items customers can only find in our stores and they can have them quickly.”

Our HW team works diligently to bring you exactly what you’re looking for. And if it’s not in our showroom, we’ll find it for you. We carry a vast array of unique styles and collections that are certain to fit into any home.

“HW Home’s diversity in selection shows our customers that we can design any space, even if we need to go in new and unexpected directions, because HW Home has the versatility,” Jaeger says. “Many of our customers are world travelers and they have a sense of collecting; they want something unique, something to remind them of their travels. HW Home adds a level of, ‘This isn’t just a table, this is something with a story.’ And this creativity is something that we have always made a priority for our customers.”

jaeger and team

In a time when people can just order the latest trend from Amazon or big-box retailers, HW Home understands that not all customers have the time to wait around to have the perfect sofa custom made. “Normally there are really long lead times on quality pieces, but we have them ready for our customers so we can hit that instant gratification, which is so cool, Jaeger says. “I feel like I work for HGTV, you know? I just go into a house and if they want a living room? Done! Let’s get you a living room! You can really take the pressure off the customer by making sure they don’t have to worry about anything.”

And although HW Home’s primary focus is on design, we never forget that we’re a part of our beautiful Colorado community.  Our customers are like family. “I’ve been working in some of these clients’ homes since I started here and it’s really a journey,” says Jaeger. “I definitely feel like it’s nice to be able to go into a home and show them a lifestyle instead of just furniture.”

When asked what sets HW Home apart from the rest of the local and national competition, Jaeger says, “We’re a design center for everyday people who want quality products. We can address any aesthetic. My colleagues here are so talented. They all know and keep current with the classic sensibility of the HW Home brand. You don’t really feel like you’re buying into a trend; you’re investing in beautiful things that have their own story.”

jaeger michelle ron

Jaeger is proud of the work he does at HW Home, and enjoys being part of a talented team. “We get to know our customers just as much as we do our own employees,” he says. “We work hard to embrace everyone right where they are, because respecting people’s preferences and tastes is so important. The best thing about working at HW Home is that this company really helps you build your strengths while uplifting you to work on your weaknesses. There’s a lot to this job, and it’s a challenge, but I love it.”

More information on our interior design services can be found here. Make sure you visit our store in Cherry Creek North to say hello to Jaeger and the rest of our talented staff, we’d love to meet you!


We Have an Announcement to Make…

HW Home is a proud Colorado company, and throughout our 17 years we’ve forged relationships, developed our own line of furniture, and helped create beautiful homes in Colorado and around the world. We’ve grown immensely, and to accommodate our thriving business, we expanded beyond our Pearl Street location in Boulder to open stores in both the Landmark at Greenwood Village and Cherry Creek North. And now (drumroll please), we’re excited to announce that we will open our newest store in Fort Collins in late summer!
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Meet Beverly, Senior Design Consultant

If you’ve ever visited one of our stores, you’ve probably had a friendly chat about sectionals, throw pillows, or overall interior design with our talented team members. Everyone at HW Home strives to bring something special to your shopping experience.

Meet another one of our remarkable team members, Bev, who has been with HW Home since the inception of the company. You may know her as the longtime Senior Design Consultant from our Boulder store, or as the sister of HW Home President and Co-founder, Ron Werner. Bev’s story of becoming part of Team HW Home is also the story of how HW Home came to be!

It goes something like this: “In 1998, my brother Ron and his partner Jim visited my husband and me. They planned to help us design our recent home remodel and search for new furniture. As we shopped, they were both shocked that there were very few options for finding stylish, unique, and quality pieces. They told us not to buy anything yet, and to give them some time to think. A few months later they called to say they were moving to Boulder from Chicago, opening a “little” shop, and that they wanted to bring me into the business and teach me about design. The rest is history!”

Kika Cocktail table

Working for the same family-owned company for the last 17 years is sure to create  special memories. Bev’s favorite is “when we first opened the doors in Boulder in June 1999, the community was so excited! They were blown away at how beautiful the store was.” And, we’re pleased to report that, as we’ve grown, the reception for our Cherry Creek and Greenwood Village stores has been equally warm.

Wanting to give our readers a few “insider secrets,” Bev says her favorite piece of furniture currently on the showroom floor is our Kika Cocktail Table in the White Milpa Wood Finish. She notes, “At the moment, I’m in love! It’s truly stunning!” If she could custom design any piece of furniture, it would be the perfect buffet for her dining room. She says, “My husband and I just scaled down and moved after 18 years into a much smaller home. I had a difficult time finding the perfect buffet that would fit into the space, look stunning, and provide the functionality that I need for storage.”

Best Ella Picture

And as for enjoying life outside of work? Bev loves caring for her 10-month-old granddaughter Ella, running marathons, and cycling on the HW Home Girls’ Cycling Team in support of Children’s Hospital Colorado!

HW Home Travel Gems: Traveling Israel With Ron Werner

Everyone has a favorite travel location that they wish they could visit again and again. For HW Home President Ron Werner, this destination is Israel. And he has been fortunate enough to revisit his favorite slice of the world over two dozen times. In fact, he credits the man he has become in part to his work and experiences there. Today, he is sharing his favorite memories of traveling in Israel, what he loves about the country, and advice for first-time explorers who want to make the most of their time there.
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Jim’s Working to Save Lives

This June, more than 3,000 cyclists, roadies, and virtual cyclists participate in AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Riders raise funds for the life-saving services offered by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

This year, I’ll be one of those riders.
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What We’re Most Thankful for at HW Home

There is much to be thankful for all year long. But there is something special about November, when gratitude takes center stage. Outwardly sharing those things we cherish is an easy way to boost our own spirits as well as everyone else’s. So, in the spirit of sharing gratitude, as Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, below is what the HW Home team is thankful for!
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