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Brand Spotlight: TA (Theodore Alexander)

To say that Theodore Alexander is a maker of fine furniture would be an understatement. The TA brand has established itself as an eminent presence in the industry and its compelling new collection of furniture, a reflection of the company’s constant drive for quality and excellence, defines the word “timeless.” At HW Home, we are proud to carry many items from TA’s 2016 line.

Attention to detail and a rich sense of history inform TA’s process when creating a piece of furniture. The 1700s English fascination with design and trade from the Far East is where their aesthetic begins. They borrow from chinoiserie designs found on elaborate tea boxes and classic lines from English style during that period to create a product that stands out. From initial conception to final production, Theodore Alexander sees beauty in the art of handcrafted furniture in the same ways that HW Home does.

At HW Home, we believe handcrafted furniture is always worth the investment. While creating the furniture in our True by HW line, we also seek out old-world, handcrafted processes that produce beautiful, long-lasting pieces. We enjoy doing business with TA because we share these ideals.

We recently introduced their stylish upholstery collection, each piece of which is classic, 8-way hand-tied, and completed with the finest details. The level of craftsmanship, handed down through generations, makes these products an integral part of our showrooms.  

Theodore Alexander furniture HW Home

Simply put, TA delivers heirloom-quality furniture at reasonable prices. These timeless items will allow you to try new interior design elements that reflect your personal style without risking a dated look as trends change over time. Explore the TA collection in our stores; you’ll love what you find. Come take a look this weekend, before our Custom Upholstery Sale ends!  


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