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How We Find a Happy Home for Your Old Furniture

Where does old furniture go when its owners no longer need it?

Every year, thousands of Coloradans treat themselves to wonderful new furnishings– king-sized beds, ornate dressers, and beautiful dining tables. And their old items have to  go somewhere, right?

Depressingly, all too often that “somewhere” is the local dumpster. But don’t worry; we’ve found a much happier solution for all your surplus goods. In fact, the question of what happens to unwanted used furniture when people buy new products from HW Home is something that our team members have thought long and hard about from the beginning.

After all, when we deliver an item to a home – especially a bulky item – there’s almost always an older version already sitting there needing to be cleared out. In an age beset by so much consumer waste, the HW Home team recognizes the importance of acting as a responsible custodian for the sofas, chairs, dining tables, beds, and dressers that our customers no longer need.

Besides, our customers have awesome taste. (We know; we would say that.) But it’s true: A lot of the older items that our new products replace are great looking, high quality pieces of furniture. More to the point, they’re generally still fully functional.

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Think about it: if a couple decide on a bedroom style makeover after seven or so years, their “old” furniture is hardly going to be falling apart. And it strikes us as a terrible idea to just let such good stuff go to waste.

That’s why HW Home works in partnership with the Provider’s Resource Clearinghouse (PRC), a non-profit organization that collects and distributes new and refurbished furniture to help Colorado families in crisis.

Since the inception of their foundation 20-plus years ago, PRC has diverted more than 75 tons of materials from landfills. They have refurbished and redistributed goods worth more than $22 million to 1,200+ community agencies and countless families throughout the Denver Metro Area. In 2015-2016 alone, they distributed over $1 million worth of goods to hundreds of low-income families.

We love their core concept of “social recycling” – making sure that items no longer needed by the original owners are put to responsible use by another person or organization. Over two decades, PRC has saved hundreds of thousands of good, useful furniture items from a grisly landfill fate. We’re inspired by this organization’s commitment to our city and the environment – and are proud to help them continue their excellent work.

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And the good news is that you can help too! If you’re an HW Home customer, making a donation of your unwanted furniture is easy. Just let your HW Home Design Consultant  know that you have items to donate. (Please note, we respectfully request that only items that are gently used be donated. Any items that are torn, damaged, soiled, or unusable place undue financial burden on PRC.)

Next, fill out this form and either fax it to HW Home or give to your HW Home Design Consultant. Then, when your new furniture arrives, our delivery team will remove the items you have designated for donation. Simple!

Donating in this way means that your unwanted furniture gets a new lease on life and makes a difference for another family in your community. Remember that groundswell of happiness and pride you felt when that sofa/chair/dresser first arrived at your own home? Well, now someone else will get to enjoy that same experience all over again.

It really is a win-win situation. So the next time you buy a nice piece of furniture from HW Home, you’ll not only have the peace of mind of knowing your gently used furniture can be collected and taken awayyou’ll also know that it’s going to a very good home.