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How to Reclaim Your Spare Bedroom

At HW Home, we understand how difficult it can be to see the kids off to college—and the home decor challenges that go with it. An unused or even empty room can seriously upset the balance in your home, and seeing it nearly every day can prolong that empty nest feeling! Fortunately, you have a wide range of options when it comes to repurposing that space, and we’re here to help you with the inspiration  to reclaim it as your own.

The first step is to repaint the space in a color that better suits the main purpose of the room. The new hue will make it feel altogether altered right away. After the paint has dried and you’ve scrubbed around the edges, it’s time to decorate! If you’re creating a work space/library in your spare room, Functional, elegant furniture that fits nicely in your space is essential. And because the spare bedroom won’t be the largest in your home, multi-purpose pieces are best for maximizing style and space.

HW Home tic tac toe bookshelf

The Tic-Tac-Toe bookcase set is perfect for smaller spaces; you can place books and knick-knacks on the versatile shelves or even create a mini bar! The unique design of the bookshelves has an open and breezy feel, to make even the tiniest spaces seem more expansive. And what’s a home office without a desk? To save on space, we suggest the slim Box Desk paired with our colorful Lyon Arm Chair. The boldness of the patterned chair pairs nicely with the simple lines of the desk and a soft wall color.    

Your extra room may also serve as a guest room or office, so provide your guests with a cozy environment to stay in. A sleeper sofa is one of the crucial aspects of designing a room that fits your needs. Our Summerton Sleep Sofa is available in a vast array of fabrics and colors that will match your multi-purpose space perfectly. You can also choose a super-comfy Air Dream or Air Dream Ultra mattress. Your guests will relax in style and comfort as they ease into their stay.

And no guest bedroom or office is complete without proper lighting. If you’re short on table space and don’t want to fill it with stand-alone lamps, consider installing one of HW Home’s modern, elegant chandeliers. Make sure you’re taking ceiling height and square footage of your room into consideration; you don’t want your lighting to overwhelm the space. Measure. Measure. Measure! For a more contemporary look, take a peek at our breathtaking Syranka Shell Bowl chandelier. Designed with high-quality brass, this bowl-shaped fixture gives you the option to hang it a little lower or, for smaller spaces, pull the lighting up closer to the ceiling. Its smooth lines and chic design will uplevel your extra room instantly.

HW Home Rouge Violet chandelier

For a bolder look in your new work/play space, install our one-of-a-kind Rouge Violet Chandelier. The red and pink crystal prisms gently hang from 18 branches on two levels. The delicate details of this statement piece will be a beautiful contrast with a stark white or grey wall. You can also opt to place low-watt bulbs in the chandelier to achieve a soft lighting effect your guests will appreciate.    

And no space is complete without distinct accessories. HW Home has precisely what you’re looking for! We love decorating with complex lines and bold colors, and nothing brings a room together more than a rug. HW Home has a wide array of rugs to choose from, and with a large selection of sizes and materials, we’re certain you’ll find one that’s terrific for your space. Take a look at our gorgeous Corsaro rug by Thomas O’Brien. These hand-knotted Nepalese rugs are created with hand-spun Tibetan wool and silk. The floral medallions will suit any room, whether the style is funky and modern or cool and classic.

HW Home designers will help you create the perfect extra room that suits your personal style and meets the needs of your guests. If you feel a tad overwhelmed even thinking about repurposing your extra room, come into one of our showrooms and have a look around!

Lauren’s Instagram Takeover

If you follow HW Home on Instagram, you may know that Lauren, our Landmark store manager, graciously hijacked our account to show you just what we were up to last weekend. And boy was she busy!

Lauren HW Home

HW Home team members are always bringing you the highest-quality products that represent not only your personal style, but encompass the Colorado lifestyle. Lauren has quite an eye for furnishings that make your home decor pop, which is why she began her takeover with the elegant, velvet Langley. You can see why we put this baby in the front window. And don’t overlook the stunning Zemico gold table, sitting ever so boldly next to our decadent green chair. Can you imagine these pieces paired with a bright yellow wall? Fabulous!

HW Home Langley chair

Next, Lauren moved onto showcasing our adorable and functional Doggie Bookend. The cool thing about this photo is that it shows how you can use accessories in creative ways. Sure, it can function as a bookend, but look at how its marble base uplevels this side table. When decorating your home, choosing accent pieces can be overwhelming. The good news is that our showrooms feature in-store vignettes to help you envision these pieces in your home in concert with other furniture.       

Gold doggie bookend

If you thought day one was entertaining, Lauren’s second day on Instagram was even more spectacular! She roamed the store until she spotted the Urban Track Sectional, which is the perfect combination of functionality and style for a large space. Imagine spending the day lounging with friends and family on this beautiful piece.

HW Home Urban Track sectional

Moving through the store, Lauren remembered she had forgotten to purchase a housewarming gift, so she decided to select a Lafco candle and used Instagram to ask for assistance in choosing the right scent. We’re not sure which one she chose, but we’re thrilled by the quality and style of these gorgeous candles.

HW Home Lafco candles

We’re grateful to Lauren and our Instagram followers for the inspiration. Next time you visit one of our showrooms, take pictures of your favorite pieces and tag us (@hwhome) in your posts! Don’t be shy when strolling through our stores; our designers are there to assist you with your home decor needs.