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How to Reclaim Your Spare Bedroom

Marsala bedroom HW Home

At HW Home, we understand how difficult it can be to see the kids off to college—and the home decor challenges that go with it. An unused or even empty room can seriously upset the balance in your home, and seeing it nearly every day can prolong that empty nest feeling! Fortunately, you have a wide range of options when it comes to repurposing that space, and we’re here to help you with the inspiration  to reclaim it as your own.

The first step is to repaint the space in a color that better suits the main purpose of the room. The new hue will make it feel altogether altered right away. After the paint has dried and you’ve scrubbed around the edges, it’s time to decorate! If you’re creating a work space/library in your spare room, Functional, elegant furniture that fits nicely in your space is essential. And because the spare bedroom won’t be the largest in your home, multi-purpose pieces are best for maximizing style and space.

HW Home tic tac toe bookshelf

The Tic-Tac-Toe bookcase set is perfect for smaller spaces; you can place books and knick-knacks on the versatile shelves or even create a mini bar! The unique design of the bookshelves has an open and breezy feel, to make even the tiniest spaces seem more expansive. And what’s a home office without a desk? To save on space, we suggest the slim Box Desk paired with our colorful Lyon Arm Chair. The boldness of the patterned chair pairs nicely with the simple lines of the desk and a soft wall color.    

Your extra room may also serve as a guest room or office, so provide your guests with a cozy environment to stay in. A sleeper sofa is one of the crucial aspects of designing a room that fits your needs. Our Summerton Sleep Sofa is available in a vast array of fabrics and colors that will match your multi-purpose space perfectly. You can also choose a super-comfy Air Dream or Air Dream Ultra mattress. Your guests will relax in style and comfort as they ease into their stay.

And no guest bedroom or office is complete without proper lighting. If you’re short on table space and don’t want to fill it with stand-alone lamps, consider installing one of HW Home’s modern, elegant chandeliers. Make sure you’re taking ceiling height and square footage of your room into consideration; you don’t want your lighting to overwhelm the space. Measure. Measure. Measure! For a more contemporary look, take a peek at our breathtaking Syranka Shell Bowl chandelier. Designed with high-quality brass, this bowl-shaped fixture gives you the option to hang it a little lower or, for smaller spaces, pull the lighting up closer to the ceiling. Its smooth lines and chic design will uplevel your extra room instantly.

HW Home Rouge Violet chandelier

For a bolder look in your new work/play space, install our one-of-a-kind Rouge Violet Chandelier. The red and pink crystal prisms gently hang from 18 branches on two levels. The delicate details of this statement piece will be a beautiful contrast with a stark white or grey wall. You can also opt to place low-watt bulbs in the chandelier to achieve a soft lighting effect your guests will appreciate.    

And no space is complete without distinct accessories. HW Home has precisely what you’re looking for! We love decorating with complex lines and bold colors, and nothing brings a room together more than a rug. HW Home has a wide array of rugs to choose from, and with a large selection of sizes and materials, we’re certain you’ll find one that’s terrific for your space. Take a look at our gorgeous Corsaro rug by Thomas O’Brien. These hand-knotted Nepalese rugs are created with hand-spun Tibetan wool and silk. The floral medallions will suit any room, whether the style is funky and modern or cool and classic.

HW Home designers will help you create the perfect extra room that suits your personal style and meets the needs of your guests. If you feel a tad overwhelmed even thinking about repurposing your extra room, come into one of our showrooms and have a look around!

Lauren’s Instagram Takeover

HW jumping photo

If you follow HW Home on Instagram, you may know that Lauren, our Landmark store manager, graciously hijacked our account to show you just what we were up to last weekend. And boy was she busy!

Lauren HW Home

HW Home team members are always bringing you the highest-quality products that represent not only your personal style, but encompass the Colorado lifestyle. Lauren has quite an eye for furnishings that make your home decor pop, which is why she began her takeover with the elegant, velvet Langley. You can see why we put this baby in the front window. And don’t overlook the stunning Zemico gold table, sitting ever so boldly next to our decadent green chair. Can you imagine these pieces paired with a bright yellow wall? Fabulous!

HW Home Langley chair

Next, Lauren moved onto showcasing our adorable and functional Doggie Bookend. The cool thing about this photo is that it shows how you can use accessories in creative ways. Sure, it can function as a bookend, but look at how its marble base uplevels this side table. When decorating your home, choosing accent pieces can be overwhelming. The good news is that our showrooms feature in-store vignettes to help you envision these pieces in your home in concert with other furniture.       

Gold doggie bookend

If you thought day one was entertaining, Lauren’s second day on Instagram was even more spectacular! She roamed the store until she spotted the Urban Track Sectional, which is the perfect combination of functionality and style for a large space. Imagine spending the day lounging with friends and family on this beautiful piece.

HW Home Urban Track sectional

Moving through the store, Lauren remembered she had forgotten to purchase a housewarming gift, so she decided to select a Lafco candle and used Instagram to ask for assistance in choosing the right scent. We’re not sure which one she chose, but we’re thrilled by the quality and style of these gorgeous candles.

HW Home Lafco candles

We’re grateful to Lauren and our Instagram followers for the inspiration. Next time you visit one of our showrooms, take pictures of your favorite pieces and tag us (@hwhome) in your posts! Don’t be shy when strolling through our stores; our designers are there to assist you with your home decor needs.  

Las Vegas Market Recap 2016

Global Views 2

Two weeks ago, our team made the trip out to Las Vegas for the twice-yearly furniture market. It may seem odd to mix a professional trip with a city full of vacationers, but I absolutely loved the palpable excitement and energy throughout the city. This was also my first time visiting Las Vegas (shocking, I know), so I was on sensory overload.

HW Home team trip

The Las Vegas Market is special because it gives us a glimpse into what’s happening design-wise on the West Coast; which tends to be more contemporary than its market counterpart in North Carolina. When compared to High Point Market, this experience felt unexpectedly more intimate and laid-back, but our days were still packed full of showroom appointments with our favorite vendors, and ample time to explore a few new manufacturers, too.

For those who have never been to a furniture market, it is an odd process to describe, but I’ll give it a shot.

The best (and often, the trickiest) part of being a buyer is the challenge of setting aside your own personal style and thinking about what would be best for the store and clientele as a whole. Luckily, we at HW Home have a very eclectic design aesthetic, which allows us to work with a variety of vendors to source beautiful and unique items for everyone. My inner shopaholic wishes I could bring everything from Vegas back to share in our showrooms in Colorado! Good thing my colleagues have a bit more self-control.

HW Home new decor

The market is full of long days networking with new and familiar manufacturers, lots of time on your feet walking from showroom to showroom and building to building, and late nights of exploring the strip (it’s team building, right?). I loved every single minute!

Here are a few of my personal favorite finds making their way to our showrooms over the upcoming weeks:

  • Sirius Adjustable height table 
  • Atherton Shagreen Desk 
  • Flower Wall Decor 
  • And, of course, I always love the accessories! They are a great source of inspiration for our vignettes back home. 

Flower Wall Art

Now we are back in Colorado, with a ton of new sources, plenty of new connections, and lots of excitement to bring our new finds to the stores and to your homes! We can’t wait to share them with you.

Lauren is a manager at HW Home. She has always had a passion for design and enjoys creating spaces that are eclectic, enticing, and exciting. She is a Colorado native with a life-long enthusiasm for football, tacos, and ice cream.

Creating Your Ideal Home Office

HW Home office desk

Whether you work from home, regularly telecommute, or just need a place to occasionally extend your workday, we at HW Home understand. We can assist you in designing a creative, comfortable, and stylish space where you can focus on setting and meeting your goals for you and your family. No one-size-fits-all design will work for every customer, and that’s why HW Home offers a wide range of options, from a busy staging area for bill paying, to homework stations, to a cozy, cerebral study devoted to quiet concentration. Wherever you and your needs may fall on this spectrum, HW Home has you covered.

For example, a business-focused home office demands organization and simplicity. The mid-century inspired Chauncey Desk is a perfect piece of furniture to build around with its broad work surface and built-in file drawers. Choose a couple of simple but stunning shelves like the Copenhagen Etagere to pair against one wall, perhaps separated by a piece of signature art such as the Bicycle on Frame, and you’ll  have a room that shows off a bit of levity within its purposeful design.

Chauncey Desk HW Home

On the other hand, maybe what you’re looking for is a family workspace for both parents and kids to use independently or together. The sleek lines of the Crawford Desk are aesthetically pleasing, while allowing for visual elbow room in a shared space. Think about pairing two of these desks back-to-back: the kids studying across from a parent working from home is not only efficient, but a good way to make sure that homework gets done! Continue the campaign-furniture look with a gorgeous and functional Officer’s Chest of 9 Drawers, where paper goods, pens and pencils, and the kids’ paraphernalia can be tucked away out of sight. By selecting unique finishing pieces like the Mayfield Sculpture and statement lighting such as the Brigitte Tripod Table Lamps, your family office will be a space where everyone wants to work.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a cozy study for writing or another artistic endeavorthe sort of room that used to demand a long-stem pipe and long, pensive hours. Consider the Vintage Patina Desk, a gorgeous throwback to an earlier age with mahogany veneers and a tobacco-and-molasses finish. Include a few Elon Bookcases to serve the interests of both beauty and function—and don’t forget one with the optional ladders for that expansive, old-world library feel. Finish the warmth of the room with Carlo Table Lamps in Bronze and a Verdigris Pug Dog for that head-tilt of character. You’ll have a room that’s not only thoughtful and productive, but serene and beautifully designed.

Elon Bookcase HW Home

HW Home would be pleased to help you create the home office that meets the needs of both your family and career. Every home office has the potential to be an inviting and satisfying room, and the furnishings offered by HW Home are varied enough to suit any situation. Allow us to help design that special workspace in your home where you can get down to the business of your life—in style.

Stylize Your Home Office with HW Home

HW Home office desk


With the school year fast approaching, it’s time for home offices to start transitioning from vacation casual back to work mode. HW Home can help make that process beautiful and seamless—even inviting. We have an endless supply of unique accessories and timeless furniture to once again create a space that inspires creativity, supports efficiency, and helps you strike that work-life balance. Let us show you how simple it is to carve out a place and get down to work in style.

So let’s start with the basics; the desk is often the focal point of the room, and because we understand that family life is busy and challenging, we carry pieces with organization and ease in mind. Our Vintage Patina desk is sophisticated, sturdy, and has plenty of storage space for those important documents. But what’s a beautiful desk without a comfy chair? You can’t get more elegant than our classic Koffi Leather Chair; it’s not only functional, but adds a touch of elegance.

HW Home vintage patina desk

HW Home furnishings provide beauty in the intricate details. Our designers work diligently to fit every space in your home with just the right piece of furniture or decor. And no home office is complete without proper lighting. You can’t work if you can’t see! Our array of home office lighting and floor lamps will supply your work space with the just the right mood lighting for inspiration and concentration.   

A key element of home office organization is space-saving hutches and chests. With our Officer’s Chest you’ll have plenty of room for your important documents and even an electronic docking station. Or, for a homework nook created especially for kids, this spacious chest has plenty of room to file away the little one’s art, assignments, and workbooks to keep clutter at bay.

HW Home Diana floor lamp

When setting up a space that is unique to you and your workflow, personal touches can make a huge difference. Display family photos or artwork on the walls. Artfully arrange antique vases. The creative options are endless! And for more “traditional” bookshelves, cradle your first edition publications between these petrified wood bookends. It’s the gentle, creative touches that give every room a sense of your personal style.    

Kids need a space for hard work, too! Encourage them to define an area for homework, whether it is a unique space or a shared one inside the home office. Doing this is a wonderful way to encourage strong study habits. Allow your children to hang their artwork on the wall, display their stellar grades, and provide them with their own storage space. This is easy to do when you set up a Quinn Nesting Table and Calder Stool next to your desk. The kids will love being close to you and also they’ll be inspired to get their homework done by watching you complete yours! A kid-friendly study environment is good for the whole family.

HW Home Quinn Nesting Table

The transition from summer to fall can be challenging, but if you make your home office space one that encourages family, organization, and style, the move will prove to be far easier.

HW Home is here to ensure your space is versatile and works for your family dynamic. Share your home office tricks and tips in our comments section.


The Kitchen Isn’t Just For Cooking

Dining kitchen Landmark residences

Here at HW Home, we understand that when you host a get-together everyone always ends up in the kitchen. It’s a room filled with life: delightful scents, laughter, and a strong sense of community. And because we’re here to ensure your kitchen is not only functional but stylish, we have a mixture of textures and styles to spruce up the centerpiece of your home.
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Product Spotlight: Cucina by Fruits and Passion

Cucina display HW Home

The HW Home aesthetic is rooted in luxurious details. And the Cucina collection of soaps and lotions from Fruits & Passion is no exception. Though they aren’t swoon-worthy pieces of furniture, you’ll love filling your kitchen with these inviting scents. Tried and true of our staff and customers, we take pride in stocking products like Cucina that exceed expectations and put a smile on our faces.
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We Have an Announcement to Make…

Fort Collins HW Home Store

HW Home is a proud Colorado company, and throughout our 17 years we’ve forged relationships, developed our own line of furniture, and helped create beautiful homes in Colorado and around the world. We’ve grown immensely, and to accommodate our thriving business, we expanded beyond our Pearl Street location in Boulder to open stores in both the Landmark at Greenwood Village and Cherry Creek North. And now (drumroll please), we’re excited to announce that we will open our newest store in Fort Collins in late summer!
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10 New Reasons to Attend the Denver Flea

Denver Flea banner

The founders of Denver Flea want to change the way people think of a flea market by building unique and enjoyable retail experiences. Sound familiar? We’ve had a fantastic year as a sponsor, and we’ve been sharing their photos, announcements, and handmade philosophy. So now, for our second summer, we invite you to check out these 9 reasons to come to the Denver Flea this weekend, June 25-26. The party is bigger, the community has only gotten better, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Get Fleatastic with HW Home

Need one more reason?

  1. We’ll be there. Come find us and spin the Wheel of Prizes. You might even win our grand prize: a brand new chair from HW Home!

Come see us!